ASA. The course that I will teach is "The Life of Muhammad from the Earliest Sources," inshaa'Allah. The required reading text is Life of Muhammad: A Tranlsation of Ibn Ishaq's Sirat Rasul Allah. 
A free download can be found at or the hardcover book can be purchased. We will assign the weekly reading of select chapters prior to the course. Depending on the number of weeks that you want the classes to cover, we can present the curriculum to cover at least nine (9) distinct sections seen here below:
  1. Arabia Before Al-Islam
  2. The Birth and Early Life of Muhammad
  3. The Call to Prophethood
  4. The Makkah Period
  5. The Hijrah
  6. The Madinah Period
  7. The Death of the Prophet
  8. The Aftermath
  9. The Impact of Muhammad Today


The course will be taught in a lecture style with students expected to participate both in Q & A each week in addition to sharing weekly reading responses. A midterm and final exam will be part of the course curriculum.
*Note - Depending on interest, I may be able to offer a future course specifically on "The Muslim American Spokesman for Human Salvation: The Language of Imam W. Deen Mohammed," compiled from his lectures, inshaa'Allah.

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