Corridors of Opportunity Background (Bottineau Light Rail)

In 2011, The Saint Paul Foundation, McKnight Foundation and the Metropolitan Council merged to award grants together to form “Corridors of Opportunity.”
The vision of this collaborative:

Transitways corridors will guide our region’s growth, vitality and competitiveness. Development along transitways will create distinctive places and strengthen local assets while increasing ridership and expanding access to jobs, affordable housing and essential services for residents of all incomes and backgrounds.

From the vision came the Community Engagement Team. Masjid An-Nur has been chosen to be an
intrical part of this process. Masjid An-Nur’s charge is to engage our surrounding community in the process and encourage their active participation in letting their voices be heard regarding Blue Line Transitway (Bottineau) expansion.

We will hold small focus groups, town hall style meetings, give updates, provide onsite explanation and information of the expansion as well as ask for community feedback.

Be sure to view the Light Rail Corridor Maps display at our location and visit our website for updates on info meetings and other opportunities for learn more and participate in the process.

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A “transit corridor” connects multiple destinations including shopping and entertainment districts, employment centers, schools and regional gateways such as airports by rail, bus, bus rapid transit or a combination. Some corridors may be primarily designed to connect commuters from residential areas to a commercial business district while others are focused on creating new development along the line.

Bottineau Transitway Updates                    (Transit System Maps)